The pancake man Gustav was born on Christmas Eve, which is no coincidence. He happens to be a gift for the entire population of Denmark – especially those who visit Bornholm. Gustav arrived in Gudhjem in 1994, fell in love, with the town that is, and began his, by now, enormous production of pancakes in the crooked house on Brøddegade.


The crooked house has a small and cosy rocky garden and on warm days the pancakes are served in the garden. In the evening the candles are lit in the bar, and sometimes musicians stop by and add to the festive atmosphere.


Where Gustav is, the spirits are always high, and it is impossible not to be in a good mood when he is around. So no wonder that the prettiest girls of Bornholm work at the Pancake House. Anything can happen - and it does – when the sweet smell of pancakes mixes with music and laughter. Gustav loves telling jokes and stories – often they are bad and untrue – but always highly entertaining.


As a special service for the people of the Danish island of Funen, Gustav established the Embassy of Funen at the Pancake House in 2010 which made a lot of people worry that the Pancake House was now a private club for the residents of Funen only but no worry, everybody is welcome. We all have a bit of Funen blood in us, as the pancake man says. Almost every one has a cousin twice removed or great grandfather from Funen. Gustav himself is from the island capital of Funen, Odense, the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, and lived and worked in Svendborg as a drummer and a cook before he immigrated to Bornholm.



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